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February 2020
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Life is Beautiful 2017

Life is Beautiful 2017

Published by RsvpAtl

Life is Beautiful is almost upon us, turning downtown Las Vegas into food and music Valhalla this September 22-24, 2017. As if Las Vegas wasn’t entrancing enough with its infamous strip, this festival gives you a reason to venture into town. With the festival spanning 18 city blocks with casinos and attractions nestled, there are tons of activities to keep you busy through the day. The culinary area is a MUST-SEE, hosting some of the most mouth-watering food you can imagine. It is easy to get lost in this adult wonderland, so we have compiled a list of 10 must see & do’s!


1. As mentioned before, check out the Culinary Village! Get some incredible bites from some seasoned chefs, and regret your mediocrity at cooking. You should prepare to gain 5 pounds (at least) from your weekend of gluttony and glory, as you’ll inevitably end up stuffing your face. Budget for food for the weekend, each delicious dish setting you back likely $8-$15 bucks.


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2. Planning is key. Plan for transportation fees if you aren’t driving yourself, or within walking distance from the festival. A shuttle costs around $40, and with cell service proving to be spotty, Uber and Lyft may have issues with connectivity. There are taxis as well, but beware of scammers who drive unsuspecting (or intoxicated) patrons fares up by taking them “shortcut” ways. Beware of people posing as Lyft or Uber drivers as well, make sure they verify your name with you and use the GPS to navigate you to your destination. Never get into a vehicle without ensuring it’s the correct one!


3. Definitely check out some of the amazing casinos and entertainment Vegas has to offer, the festival backs up to quite a few, even if it isn’t on the strip. Again- budgeting is key! You can earn awesome perks and points in these places that may pay off for future trips to Life is Beautiful!


4. Go see some art, you uncultured swine. No really, open up your mind and look at come insanely cool pieces, especially at the Art Motel. Maybe take some home with you. This fest is engrained in art, which is a part of making life beautiful- So do your part to keep the beauty alive!




5. Wear comfortable shoes. Should I say it again? High heels are not your friend, combat boots are questionable. Did you see that the festival is across EIGHTEEN SPRAWLING BLOCKS of Las Vegas concrete jungle? Plan accordingly. General admission tickets are only allowed 3 exit and re-entry, and you must re-enter by 9 pm.


6. As mentioned in #5, being comfortable is a must. Las Vegas is a desert, spanning from freezing cold to piping hot temperatures. The temperatures definitely drop in the evening. Bring an array of fashion choices, this is one time where you can truly say it was too hard to pack lightly.




7. Don’t miss the educational activities as well as the comedy acts! In 2015, Bill Nye the Science Guy was a special guest! While there are SO many amazing musical acts, make sure you check out everything the fest has to offer.


8. Check out the local deals, some of them are actually worth it! Our personal favorite is the Star Foot Spa http://starfootspa.com. You’ll need a massage after all of the walking and dancing! You get 90 minutes for only $35, it says Foot Reflexology but you get a balance of a foot and body massage. Make sure you make an appointment!


9. If you’re going with a big group, don’t limit yourself to what you can see just because your friends may not want to join (just BE CAREFUL!) Decide upon checkpoints and times to meet back up, using the map is handy here to visualize these. It’s also very helpful to have a very obvious checkpoint that one can unmistakably find if by chance intoxicated or otherwise.


10. HAVE FUN and be carefree! If you do miss an act or performance you really wanted to see, don’t let it ruin your time. There are so many more performers that you may discover on a whim. If you have seen someone multiple times, venture out and find some new favorites. Make some new friends for your trip back next year!


The lineup this year is STACKED with a lot of all genres starting The Gorillaz, Chance the Rapper, Muse, The XX, Kaskade, 2 Chainz, MGMT, Cage The Elephant, Whiz Khalifa, Pretty Lights, only to name a few. Get all information and tickets at https://lifeisbeautiful.com/.



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