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February 2020
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The Moon Ride From An Owls Eye View

The Moon Ride From An Owls Eye View

Published by RsvpAtl

I was asked to write about the Moon Ride the night of the event. However, being an owl sometimes my flight schedule gets in the way of the simple enjoyments of life. So while I'm perched at cruising altitude on the wing of a steel bird heading to another exciting event let me reminisce about the best event that occurs in Atlanta each year.

If you're sitting there thinking what the hell is the moon ride, you're not alone. I was wearing my annual shirt at the airport and answering intrigued questions for a few hours before i boarded the steal beast. In short the moon ride allows all creatures of the night to cruise their two wheeled stallions through the streets of ATL beginning at 11pm. If that doesn't get you going, I'm sure the fact that the event supports Bert's Big Adventure and helps send terminal kids and their families to Disney World for a five day trip should at least peak your interest. Basically you drink, network, check out the city, and donate to kids all in one place. You cannot beat that.

As an owl, I generally fly at night. I mean I'm a predator who spends his nights in search for food. However each year I take one evening off to spend time with a group of creatures that will make you smile from ear to ear. There are costumes, glow sticks, kids, elderly, and your general bunch of Wild things mixed in. The atmosphere of the moon ride is easily one of the most fun I have ever experienced. I've flown through the depths of huge events like Bonoroo to smaller events like simple beer festivals, none have the feel of the moon ride. Everyone is happy, and I mean every one. There is music kicking from all sorts of devices, and people are lining the streets just waiting to share a high five or drink with you. Every year as I call off the hunt, I join forces with a monkey and any other creature of the night to enjoy a boozy ride throughout the city. This year we joined up with some hula girls, a banana, and a civilian. Yes we had an owl, monkey, and a banana and nobody took a bite out of anybody. The truce is real.

The ride starts with a countdown on tenth street in which all the riders pack together to begin the adventure.


Then slowly but surely our stallions pick up speed and enter some of the best neighborhoods In the city. The wonderful APD escorts us safely throughout the streets. During the ride we hop off at bars, make new friends, and enjoy the glory of riding a bike at night. The patrons of bars and parties make their way out to the streets and begin to feed off the already positive energy.  There is a constant flow of motion and positivity that can only be described by wheels in motion. It's smooth circular and constant. Once the ride ends back at Piedmont park we party into the night ahnd early into  the next morning.

Regardless of how tattered my wings are and how badly my head hurts, I wake up the next morning and I think, man I can't wait for the next moon ride. A special shout out should go to all that are involved in the event. Thank you for an amazing time, and let the official countdown begin. 350 days until the next ride! Until then I will resume my role as the wise creature of the night.

--The Owl

Contributed by Mike Urbanik | Follow him on Twitter: @urbanikm & Instagram @murbanik13

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