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February 2020
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Big Gigantic Returns to Atlanta for Halloween

Big Gigantic Returns to Atlanta for Halloween

Published by Josh Mills

So it has been the second weekend in a row Atlanta has been graced with sexy saxophone sounds. Last weekend was two nights of Griz and this weekend Big Gigantic returned for Halloween weekend for two nights. These shows were all treats.cv9n4c7ueae0z1xBig Gigantic Crowd Shot at the Tabernacle

The first night of Big Gigantic showcased their new album the second night was reported as having them cover much of their old tunes. I have a lot of respect for their older albums as well but I am glad I got to hear the “Brighter Future,” their new album live. I instantly fell in love with “The Night is Young,” their last album in 2014 and that was the last tour that I saw them in ATL.  Even though there are some memorable sax moments on “The Night is Young”, their new album, ”Brighter Future,” really showcases some of the live instruments which translates well at a live show.  “The Little Things” specifically showcases the saxophone live and leaves a lasting impression. The vocals from Logic, Rozes and Angela McCluskey really shine live as well and that truly separates this album from any other in their catalog.  The new album also showcases more collaborations than ever before, almost every song shows Big Gigantic has been busy integrating others into their sound. This provides more variety and the same can be said about their shows now. They add in more variety and cater to the tour stop. Typically I would be thankful but Atlanta has had enough Panda in 2016 and this was only saved by letting a bunch of people dressed up as Pandas on stage for the song. Still if there was one thing I could change about the set that was it.cv4tko2w8aajeigBig Gigantic dressed up for Halloween in Atlanta

The night was a success with Big Gigantic pulling off an excellent set and the crowd contributing to the fun. The majority of people were there in costume and that always adds to the fun seeing Pablo Escobar and Ace Ventura dancing to Big Gigantic rather than standard concert goers. You could really see the effort people put into their outfits and unfortunately if you were like me you got so rowdy your costume had some malfunctions through the night. They do not build costumes to withstand shows like this and I am OK with that.bg1

Next up show for RSVPATL is PARTYNEXTDOOR at Tabernacle on Nov 14th. Tickets can be found here.


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