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February 2020
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Baauer Visits Variety Playhouse on 3/31/16

Baauer Visits Variety Playhouse on 3/31/16

Published by Josh Mills

Baauer stopped in Atlanta last Thursday on his 'Aa' Tour. This is surprisingly Baauer's first album and has garnered some critical acclaim from the likes of Major Lazer and others. I've gotta think he is ready to stop being "the guy known for the Harlem Shake." This is the album that just may accomplish that mission although that's quite a feat. 'Aa' reached the top of the iTunes charts and Baauer recently got to play a mix on BBC Radio 1 so the past month has been huge for him.


Baauer at Variety Playhouse on 3/31/16

The set itself exposed Baauer's NYC roots with Missy Elliot being mixed in as well as his Just Blaze and Jay-Z collab, "Higher." "Higher" felt like the sophomore effort to make Baauer become greater than the "Harlem Shake." Baauer also released a slew of originals after 'Higher' that solidified his career. Some sound ready for the radio but some helped to define his sound and stand out.

The second half of his set felt more energetic. The seats that need to be removed from the Variety Playhouse became an issue because the crowd was ready to get wilder than they would allow. The energy seemed only to grow as the set went on and it felt like he was just hitting his stride when the set came to an end. Baauer came back on with Harlem Shake which felt like the most obligatory encore ever. Even though the crowd loved it like the people dancing in the YouTube videos that made him famous, I've gotta think Baauer is ready to move on. The substance on 'Aa' is there but in the modern era of internet memes shaking the "Harlem Shake" is tougher than Bad Luck Brian catching a break. Take a closer look at Baauer if you haven't, he has more substance than the Harlem Shake.

Side Stage for the 'Aa' Tour

Side Stage for the 'Aa' Tour


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