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February 2020
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5 Reasons to Make The Trip To Tampa for Sunset Music Festival

5 Reasons to Make The Trip To Tampa for Sunset Music Festival

Published by Josh Mills

Here are 5 reasons you should join me for Sunset Music Festival in Tampa this year:

  1. A lineup with great artists that won't be in Atlanta this year. Since there is no TomorrowWorld this year Atlanta just won't pull as many artists as they did in years past. So if you want to see the likes of Claude Vonstroke and  Jack U this year you better come to Tampa.vonstroke
  2. The weather in Tampa in May. The average high is 85°F during May and the average low is 70°F. It doesn't get much better than that for an outdoor festival. The average precipitation is low for this time of year in Tampa as well adding up to high likelihood of perfect festival weather.1920536f-2015-0524-tampa-raymondjamesstadium-sunsetmusicfestival-rukes-processed-117
  3. The easy journey to Tampa from Atlanta. The drive is only about 6 hours and flights are only a couple of hundred dollars and there are a lot of them. So either get some friends to split up the driving and make a road trip out of it or fly solo. Either way you are headed the right direction for a festival this time of year.hotels
  4. The accommodations in the area.  The festival is held in a central area in Tampa meaning tons of accommodation options. The advantage to this is that you aren't sweaty and disgusting after the first day. Another advantage is that there will be plenty of after party options both official and unofficial. So it will be easy to find one to attend or host one yourself and party until the AM. Just think back to the last time you woke up in tent at the crack of dawn to some guy blaring dubstep at 7am and know you made the right choice.ee7259fb-2015-0523-tampa-raymondjamesstadium-sunsetmusicfestival-pedrorivera-processed-050
  5. It's Memorial weekend. This is the perfect time for a festival because you can travel Friday, have the perfect weekend and then travel home Monday and still have a night of Netflix or watch that Game of Thrones episode you missed and not have to miss any work, school or take time off.


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