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February 2020
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Ryan Cabrera interview

Ryan Cabrera interview

Published by jillian

rsz_ryanSexy, fun, party- the three words Ryan Cabrera used to describe the sound of his new EP, "Wake Up Beautiful", featuring the single "House on Fire" which was released this month. Ryan's last full album "The Moon Under Water" was released seven years ago so of course his fans are excited to hear the new material. Atlanta is one of the many stops along his "Radio Revival Tour" and I got a chance to catch up with Ryan before his performance at the Masquerade on Saturday night. The 32 years old singer was hanging out in his tour bus, soothing his throat with a humidifier and watching The O.C.

Ryan, welcome back to Atlanta. Having been here multiple times, what do you enjoy most about the city?
- I love going out here. The night scene is super, super fun. I was out here for two weeks writing with an artist called Shawn Mullins who I am a huge fan of and we spent some time in Buckhead. I like the day hangs here. Everyone hangs out on patios and has a drink or two. I love the outdoor vibe of it.

So, what's your favorite spot in Atlanta?
- There's a place called Little 5 points, right? There's a restaurant there that is my favorite spot. They have this triple bypass burger.

The Vortex?
-Yeah! That's my favorite spot.

Have you had a chance to eat there on this visit?
-No. I'm trying to eat healthy. With tour life, very seldom do we get to eat good food. So luckily, this venue (Masquerade) gave us grilled chicken and vegetables which is hard to get on tour.

Speaking of the tour, your new EP is out and it's been almost 7 years since you've released a full album.
Well the album is done and that's coming out later this year but because it's been so long, we wanted to give around 5 songs. We felt like it was too much to put out 13 songs right out the gate. We give everyone a taste of what the album really is like. It's a very eclectic collection of different styles, which I did on purpose. I love so many different kinds of music and the record is indicative of that. There are so many different vibes. Whatever mood you're in is kind of what you're geared toward that night.

What experiences or people inspired the new album?
-It (the inspiration) came from all over the place. Traveling, we meet so many different people and get to experience so many different things having this job so it's just a collection of life in general. This album is pretty much what I've learned this far in my many years. Things I see, things I notice, I put it into songs.

Do you have any crazy on stage moments?
- Actually, last night there was a guy dancing his ass off for the entire show, just hitting people dancing and didn't give a fuck about the world, which was amazing for us because we love when people just let loose so we brought him on stage with my brother and he danced his ass off. He was having the time of his life.

Sounds like that guy might be the inspiration for another song.
Are there any artists, other than Shawn Mullins, that you'd like to collaborate with?
- Well, on this record I collaborated with a buddy of mine, Travis Clark. We'd always talked about working together and we finally wrote a song together which is going to be on the new record. I also wrote a song with another buddy of mine, Evan Ross ( Ashlee Simpson's husband). We've been friends for 9 years now and we finally got to work together. I have so many friends who are artists and we always talk about writing together but never get around to it so we finally did it. And right now I'm touring with my friend, John (Secondhand Serenade). We both have albums coming out so we figured, "let's go on the road. let's do it!"

Sounds like a lot of fun being on the road with close friends. Do you guys ever prank each other?
-Oh, all the time.

What's the best prank you've pulled on someone?
-I can't even talk about it. It was a good one. But we mess with each other a lot. Sometimes I put vinegar in the water bottles of the other singers before they go on stage so when they take a sip of "water" they spit it out on stage.

That's pretty mean, but entertaining. Did you guys do anything to celebrate when you finished the new album?
-We got hammered. I got shitfaced, went to the club and danced my ass off.

Nice. Will you be going out tonight after the show?
-Oh yeah. Probably Tongue & Groove or Opera. We were at a lot of piano bars at our last stop which was Little Rock and one of the guys was saying he just wanted to go somewhere and dance so I told him "alright, tomorrow night I'll take you to Tongue and Groove" so it'll probably be Tongue and Groove.

Do you get recognized a lot when you go out?
- I mean, if we go to a place where they're are a lot of 22 year old girls, then yeah.

Speaking of girls, there are rumors that you are in a serious relationship. Is it true?
- Nope. You heard wrong. Not when you're about to go on this tour. I think everyone on this entire bus broke up with their girlfriends right before this tour. It's hard when you're so tired at the end of the day and you don't want to make that call because you're so tired and don't want to talk to anyone. It's hard to be on a tour and be away from each other.

Do you find it's easier to date another artist or someone that's not well known?
- We're obviously gravitated toward people who do what we do. I think if I had a 9 to 5 and was dating an artist, I wouldn't understand them not wanting to talk at night. I just wouldn't relate. But if you're also an artist, you get it, it's easier to get along. And creative minds are obviously attracted to other creative minds.

Makes perfect sense. So, what do you have planned for the end of the tour?
- Vegas. Two days in Vegas. It'll be a shitshow and then hopefully go on vacation.

Where would you go?
-Canada. A train ride through Canada. They gifted them at the Grammy's. It's kind of in the middle of nowhere and the train has a clear glass top. It's beautiful. Very relaxing. Then I'm going camping in Yosemite with some friends. It's one of my favorite places. Then I'll be back to work promoting the new album. No real breaks for the next two years. It's a long process.

So, back to the music. Do you have a favorite song on this album?
- I really like them all. My favorite to perform is "House on Fire". It's such a fun, up-beat, jump around kind of song.

Is there any one song on the album that you feel best displays the true you?
-I'd say my life story would be "I See Love." So yeah, "I See Love".

It's a great song. I can't wait to hear it performed live. Thanks for taking the time to speak with me. I'm looking forward to the show.
-My pleasure. I hope you enjoy the it!

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