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February 2020
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NFL Week 1-2015

NFL Week 1-2015

Published by Nic Lyon


Week 1

Fly high, fly low. Monday night had an interesting matchup between Atlanta and Philadelphia. Odd calls, poor QB play and offensive lines that had no push in the running games left me not knowing exactly how to feel about either team. Philadelphia isn’t overrated. I know all of the Atlanta fans are alternating that and “Rise Up” as their Tuesday motto, but it has to be taken with a grain of salt. A Chip Kelly offense is predicated on first down. With that in mind, they averaged -1.18 yards per rush on first down… That’s not good. Being behind the chains is detrimental to any offense, especially one that is built off of first down success. The Falcons deserve some credit for that, but the play calling was less than innovative, and when it was, a penalty always seemed to be looming. More on the penalties later. The bright spot for Atlanta is obviously Julio Jones. He took Byron Maxwell’s lunch money, favorite shoelaces and lucky chewing gum. Jones is now his favorite football player. Outside of that, not too much to be excited about, Falcons fans. They looked awful in the second half, and a “penalty” might’ve saved the game. The ghost call on Kiko Alonso won the game for Atlanta. Not even taking into consideration the fact that Philly is more than capable of scoring with how much time was left, they scored a touchdown on the next play. All in all, Philadelphia will be better on 1stdown and Atlanta will struggle to find consistency throughout the year.

Don’t tread on New England. Watching Brady orchestrate an offense that rarely throws the ball more than 10 yards down the field, yet they constantly gain more than 10 yards, is remarkable. There’s not much you can do about it. Every year they find the number 217th RB trending on twitter and turn him into a cult hero. Gronkowski is always open or just not covered… The only reasonable explanation for that was Gronk threatened to have JPP coordinate and operate fireworks for Antwon Blake’s child’s birthday party. Lastly, we get to Edelman. My favorite hippie in football. The only reason he wears socks is because the NFL makes him. The guy can and does do everything on a football field. It doesn’t matter about the weather, the other team or what you think he can do. He just gets it done. He is truly the hooded sweater vest of the NFL. The New England Belichicks are well on their way to dominating… Again.

Vick 2.0. It’s finally time. The player and personality that can live up to the hype has finally stepped on the field as a starting QB, and it isn’t Mariota. Tyrod Taylor, also of Va Tech, is here. His movement is fluid, and he has breakaway speed. He is the only QB I’ve seen that truly reminds me of Vick. Now he has the chance, to not just arrive on the scene, but explode onto it. With more toys to play with than that serial killer kid from Willy Wonka, and a top tier defense, Buffalo has a chance to get to the playoffs and succeed. Oh yeah… don’t forget about Rex Ryan. Guys love playing for him and he’s a defensive genius. Don’t be surprised if he meets up with his old friends Bill and Tom in the AFC Championship game.

Extra Point

Don’t get too caught up in the moment. Peyton won’t be awful the entire season, everyone will lose a few games and Seattle is still really good. I will bet anyone on those three principles of week 1. Also, don’t overreact to Mariota and Winston. The only precedents set for each performance indicate that Winston will be in the HOF and Mariota will have his jaw broken by a backup linebacker in a few years. Geno Smith is the only other rookie QB to have a perfect QBR, and Favre is the only other QB to throw a pick-6 on his first attempt. Week 1 was… just week 1. Besides, Winston heard that the Publix CEO had him on his DraftKings team.

More Than Just A Game

The Washington Redskins have become synonymous with racism, failure, anger and ineptitude. They’ve earned all of that, but don’t forget the other side of the field. On that side you don’t find a billionaire charging fans $50 for will call, but families watching on Thanksgiving. A girl looks back at countless Sundays spent screaming at the television with her dad. He remembers Mark Rypien leading them to the Super Bowl the year she was born, and wouldn’t trade a single second of watching them lose with her for another championship. All of that isn’t limited to Washington. It’s everywhere. Across the league. So many people look to their team for that brief, three hour window where nothing else matters. Where the dream to play for that team literally keeps some kids alive. Ask LeBron. So much positive comes from the NFL. Don’t let the bad take the air out of your sails.

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