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February 2020
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Brillz brings the Twonk DiNation tour to Opera

Brillz brings the Twonk DiNation tour to Opera

Published by Josh Mills

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Opera and Illuminate Present the Twonk DiNation Tour

Liquified and Opera have been having nationally touring EDM artists on Friday since as long as I can remember. This Friday was special though because of Atlanta's trap music roots. No one personifies the modern trap music genre better that Brillz. This year's visit included Aryay, Dotcom and Party Favor as openers. Aryay is up and coming but Dotcom and Party Favor could host their own tour given their recent success.

Enhancing the experience was the new sound system from Pure Groove Sound Systems. Opera has the first permanent club system in the US although Pure Groove has international respect and systems in clubs in Amsterdam and San Paulo. This comes from their founder, Tom Danley, who designs acoustic audio solutions for NASA and holds 17 loudspeaker patents. This system has a great low end which was perfect for the bass heavy focus of the music being played.

Dotcom has gained a lot of attention lately being called the "face" of Marshmello. It is believed Marshmello is actually a supergroup of Skrillex + JAUZ + Dotcom but no one seems to be 100% sure. Friday's set was pure Dotcom and offered no clues into the Marshmello identity. A quick survey of the crowd after the show identified Dotcom as either the favorite set of the night or runner-up only to Brillz. I have to agree. Whether or not Dotcom is truly Marshmello or even part of Marshmello his set stood on its own and I look for Dotcom to emerge in 2016.

Brillz set heavily featured most of his new album, "Geekin" which was wildly successful with the crowd. He also peppered in some  more popular tracks such as "Febreeze" by Jack U. His set was predictable but gave the crowd exactly what they wanted. Going to see Brillz is not a complicated experience. It is one driven by relentless trap energy that doesn't stop until the venue does. The new sound system really compliments this and around 2:30am when the crowd started to spill out I noticed a slight ringing in my ears to remind me to bring some acoustic earplugs next time. This system is an audible. A quick interview of some of the after party crowd listed the new sound system as the part of the show that really stood out. Anyone that wasn't there since the installation brought it up. Check out the calendar at Opera, every Friday starting on January 8th has a show worth your time. If you haven't heard the new sound system you owe it to yourself to pay a visit.






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