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January 2020
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Big Gigantic Dishes Their Love for “The A”

Big Gigantic Dishes Their Love for “The A”

Published by liz


Dominic Lalli and Jeremy Salken, both members of Big Gigantic, made time to hang out with us before their set last Friday night at Counterpoint Music Festival. Counterpoint is among many of the festivals Big Gigantic has made appearances at, including Coachella,  Bonnaroo and lollapalooza.

The sun was beginning to set over Kingston Downs when Dominic and Jeremy walked into the media tent and promptly greeted us with hugs. We talked about Atlanta, but referred to it as “the A” while they reminisced about previous tours and having played at the Buckhead Theatre (previously known as the Roxy), all three of the venues in The MasqueradeVariety Playhouse with Lotus and even frat parties in Athens.  Dominic lived in Buckhead for a summer about 15 years ago and worked at the Dominos off of Howell Mill Road. Jeremy laughed and said, “He went and rode roller coasters at Six Flags every day.”

“Do you guys think selfie is an annoying word?” 

They both laughed when Jeremy spoke up, “I was trying to figure out why selfie is taking over the world right now, it’s because everyone wants to do it. It’s like a guilty pleasure; it’s like the internet’s guilty pleasure. It’s a selfie generation and I don’t know what to say about it except it’s happening.”

We joked about when you’re in the car and taking selfies but really don’t want anyone to see and Jeremy said, “We were driving here and I could see some girl snapping pictures of herself in her car probably like ‘On the way to Counterpoint’.”

Randomly, Scrabble is their favorite board game but when Dominic mentioned Monopoly I asked if he ever goes all the way through. “Finishing (it) is getting to the point where you’re like alright, I’m fucking over this. No one ever finishes Monopoly.”

Jeremy smiled and said, "My favorite memory at a festival is last weekend at Coachella, we had the marching band come out with us it was pretty awesome.” You could tell they were still coming off that high.

Dominic said he was hoping Counterpoint would stand up to Coachella, “People in the south are the shit…I love coming out here, the vibe is great and everyone is ready to rage. There’s nothing like coming down south, Atlanta is a very special place for us. You can’t get sweet tea up north.”

Big Gigantic went on to rock the main stage and set the bar high for all of the bands and DJs to follow. It was certainly one of the best shows of the weekend; the crowd was energetic and dancing for the entire set. You can catch the band’s next performance at the Beale Street Music Festival in Memphis, Tennessee on May 2.


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Liz Turcotte is a music junkie and an Atlanta native who got her start in entertainment media with RSVPAtl in college. She enjoys blogging, blowing bubbles, spending time with her dog and watching Atlanta Falcons Football.

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