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February 2020
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Amaluna Backstage

Amaluna Backstage

Published by jillian


So you want to attend a Cirque show, but don't see a trip to Vegas in your near future? No problem. With the traveling Cirque du Soleil shows, the newest to visit Atlanta being Amaluna, there's no need to book a flight or pack any bags. I had the pleasure of catching last night's show and was even able to attend a backstage Q and A session.

The show itself, Amaluna, showcases some really great talents pushing the human body to its limits, though the cast seem limitless. Amaluna, meaning "mother moon" is the first Cirque show to have a predominantly female cast (yay for girls), including an all female live band.  The show is set on a mysterious island and follows the journey of it's Queen's daughter as she is coming of age and falling in love.  Amaluna was created to "showcase the strength and beauty of women" (because we're awesome!) and to "show off the acrobatic skills of the artists" and that's just what it does. The talent in this show is rarely to be matched (wish I could do those tricks) and I've often wondered where these artist come from and how they become part of Cirque du Soleil. As it turns out, according to one of the Amaluna reps, the artists are often found through talent scouts attending smaller shows, independent performances and even athletic competitions.

One of the acts in the show, the Uneven Bars, is made up of a cast picked out from an acrobatic competition. Another act, Manipulation, was actually created by the performing artist's farther and was discovered by Cirque through "word of mouth" in the talent world.  My favorite act was the Cerceau and Waterbowl, which involves a 4,000 pound water bowl in which the Queen's daughter, Miranda, performs an intense hand-balancing routine after diving and playfully swimming through the water bowl.
According to Amaluna reps, the water bowl actually presented the biggest challenge when creating Amaluna. This is the first traveling Cirque show to incorporate water and with the extreme weight of the water bowl, it can not be easily moved on and off the set. That being said, the water bowl is actually left on the stage, rolled out of the way, and used as a prop during the show (singers can stand on it). It is filled once in each city and then filtered much like a swimming pool.  Cirque is all about being green whenever possible and this way they can use less water.
There are many other interesting facts about Amaluna (super fun fact time!). For instance, the cast represents 17 different nationalities from around the world. The cast and crew add up to be well over 100 people that travel with Amaluna from city to city and an additional 100-120 local staff that is hired in each city to help with anything from clean up and ticket sales to helping the three chefs in the traveling kitchen. That's right, a traveling kitchen. Cirque shows travel with absolutely everything they need to put on a show including the bathroom trailers, ticket sales trailers and their own kitchen which provides three meals each day including desserts.  According to one Amaluna rep, the current favorite meal of the crew is French fries with cheese curds (who doesn't love cheese curds?!) and gravy which they have about once a week. Of course, during any free time they might have, the workers are able to explore the city. If fact, Amaluna has its own tour service manager ( I want one!) which puts together a package of services in each city to make navigating each area easier for the cast and crew. When asked what they loved most about Atlanta, one rep stated it was the good food and shopping.  Atlantic Station has plenty of both of course and hopefully plenty of space to offer up for the next Cirque show expected to make its way to Atlanta in 2016. But don't wait until then, you still have time to catch Amaluna (because it's awesome!) if you haven't already. They'll be here until November 30th and with tickets starting at $35, it's much cheaper than a trip to Vegas... 😉
Don't forget to check out all the awesome pics we got of the show here.

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Jillian Vazir, dubbed by us as the "Smartest ass mouth in the south", is a music lover, an animal lover & a fan of mother earth. She enjoys anything outdoors, rain or shine. She spends her free time with her dog, Yves and her awesome husband.

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