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February 2020
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Through My Eyes: A view of day 3 at Hangout Fest

Through My Eyes: A view of day 3 at Hangout Fest

Published by jillian


Sunday was the last day of the festival so you know they had to go out with a bang. Capital Cities was the first show we caught for the day. They put on a pretty great performance and had some huge ass beach balls for the crowd to toss around. Now let me just say, the person that pops the beachball at a concert is like the person that told you the Easter bunny didn't exist. Party pooper.

We hung around at the main stage after the performance to wait on The Avett Brothers. I'd been wanting to see them for a while and they did not disappoint. It was nice to finally hear them outside of my Pandora play list. By the end of their show we managed to score an awesome spot at the Coca Cola tent with a clear view of the stage. We'd planned to head over to the Chevrolet stage to see Jack Johnson, but we didn't want to lose our spot at the Coke tent, since Outcast would be performing there next and closing out the festival.

Although I was a little sad to miss Jack, it definitely proved to be a wise decision. Before Outkast even took the stage, the entire area was packed out with fans eagerly awaiting their performance. It almost looked like a zombie scene from World War Z.
photo 4 photo 1
When they finally took stage, the crowd went wild and the sky was lit by the flashes of thousands of cell phone cameras. They played a lot of their old songs, which turned the beach into a dance floor and took me back to the days of running late to homeroom as my brother sped us to school, Wheelz of Steel always blasting in the car. When they finished with their last song, and exited the stage, I still stood in awe of seeing my first Outkast performance. It was awesome, as were the fireworks they set off as the crowd left the grounds. Hangout was over and it went out with a bang. Pesonally, I don't know how they're going to top this year's line up but I know I'll be purchasing my ticket as soon as I get back home. Happy Hangout! 

About the Author
Jillian Vazir, dubbed by us as the "Smartest ass mouth in the south", is a music lover, an animal lover & a fan of mother earth. She enjoys anything outdoors, rain or shine. She spends her free time with her dog, Yves and her awesome husband.

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